What is The Division

What is The Division


Right, get ready for this as it’s a mouth full (that’s not what she said) The Division is an OOWTPSRPG and what that means is, it’s fucking awesome. No really it means an online open world third person shooter, role-playing game think MMO just scaled down a touch.

It’s set it New York, just after a virus has been spread by banks notes on the Black Friday shopping day. You are part of the second Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) / “The Division” the first team failed as it mentions in the opening chopper ride in on the Beta. The single player aspect of the game combines a main story, which has you trying to find out the source of virus along with side missions and resource missions which help to improve your Base of Operations (more about this later). Apart from finding the source you are also tasked with trying to bring back order within New York, along your way you will encounter the last dregs of the New York City Police, Fire, Emergency Responders and the New York National Guard (JTF – Joint Task Force), they will all help you throughout your journey.

Enough about the good guys we want baddies! So The Division has 4 different enemy groups who will be up to no good these are, in no particular order (coolest first).


Enemy Groups



The LMB or Last Man Battalion are a private military organisation sent in by rich folk to protect their assets, lead by a nasty fellow name Charles Bliss they pack some pretty powerful hardware, including TANKS (IKR) and are based around the UN building, be sure these mother fos will be badass.


These are New York Sanitation workers that have an unhealthy obsession with burning shit, it’s next level pyromania shit. They want to be rid of the virus and will burn everything and everyone without a mask, even their own besties.


Basically prisoners that escaped from Rikers island penitentiary during the chaos of the virus outbreak, there was talk of a raid that would involve the players going to Rikers island to fight the Rikers but nothing has been confirmed, on a side note there was also a video that showed a Riker saying he would never return to Riker island, so I don’t know how true this to be..


I have a confession to make, I know I said there was four enemy groups but the Rioters are pretty much just like generic mobs, they are pretty much worthless apart from Alex If you are familiar with the London Riots of 2014 they are pretty much the same breed.


Base of Operations


5_screenshot_baseofoperations-THUMB_195933The next pretty important bit of information is about the Base of Operations, This is you’re main hub and it’s phased to you and you only, so even if you are grouped with 3 other players you will never see them or anyone in your BoO. This is where you will unlock all your Skills, Talents and Perks, by doing those Resource¬†missions I mentioned earlier you get supplies which will either be Medical, Security or Tech which you can spend in the corresponding area of the BoO. There is also a few vendors located inside as well as another bulletin board, the first being in Camp Hudson. Check out these few screens of the BoO.


The Dark Zone


So the best till last, the multiplayer aspect of the game revolves mainly around the Dark Zone, apart from the Co-op side of the single player campaign, this is where you will encounter other players. As far as we know the DZ will be split into 6 zones which leading up to 30 will be level based, for example in the beta, levels 4-7 were all in the same zone while level 8 players were put into a different tier. You can switch to a higher level instance if a member of your group is at the correct level, but as far as I know you can’t drop into a lower tier your level one, rightly so as well. Other players aren’t the only thing you’ll find in the DZ, NPCs will be spread out around the area, the higher tiers will have higher level enemies (duh). So apart from killing what do I do in the DZ oh, I’m glad you asked that, well you get loot of course as you roam around killing NPCs or helpless agents you will find loot, and unluckily for you this loot is Contaminated and the only way to get it out of the DZ is to extract it, this is where the fun comes in. There are a couple of extraction zones dotted around each zone, when you get to one of these you can call in a chopper to come and pick up your gear, but it’s not always that simple. As soon as you shoot of that flare, pop up it comes on every ones mini map and now you’re like a rabbit in a lion’s den. If you manage to survive the impending onslaught, just attach your loot bag to the choppers rope and your loot is secure and will be back waiting for you in your BoO. Check out some of these DZ screens.


I’ve purposely left out a lot of information on the aspects of the game I’ve talked about here, surprises are a shit ton of fun man, so if this brief intro has you interested, I urge you to go out and pick up the game. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, and if you are I’ll give you your money back (I think we all know I won’t)

– Arcon

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